Allie X About 48H ALLIE X

“The Phi Centre was a truly Xcellent Xperience that I will never forget. It was a warm journey, punctuated with laughter, delicious meals, and most importantly beautiful art. I will credit the Phi Centre for many things, but perhaps most notably as the place where the Live Xperience was conceived. It was a lengthy birthing process, because I was hesitant to do anything live until I knew it would be Xtraordinary. Phi shared the same vision, and together we created a 48H XPERIENCE of technology, multimedia and interactivity. The X-a-chord, The Wizard of X and The Shadow Nose all inhabited the Phi Centre for 48H and I made my onstage debut. ThanX so much to everyone at Phi for sharing a vision and bringing it to fruition. I will never forget.”

-Allie X